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Copyright anyone?

Hello, I'm new.
There're this most unexpected and stupid thing that happened to me some time ago. I zapped some russian TV channels and stumbled upon an extremely cheezy fantasy/myth/action sort of film, "The Lost Empire", as I later learned after some Internet research. It was based on a traditional chinese story, "A Journey To The West", with some american journalist guy baked in. The plot and the overall quality of the film were so horrible that it made me laugh, and of course I had to watch it for a while.
The film was already heading towards the final fight scene, as I didn't see it from the beginning. The good guy says something, the evil overlord says something, they and their allies start to fight. And who do I see amongst the evil overlord's demon lackeys? ANNA-VARNEY! Not the real Anna-Varney of course, but a cheap rip-off. The hairstyle, the white face, the bone earrings, the nose chain, the robe - it all was identical. These guys didn't even alter the style a bit! Which naturally can't be compared to the real Anna-Varney for the complete lack of taste (I'm not sure if the makers of the film were familiar with the word at all). Well, I laughed my arse off (imagine a fake devilish-looking Anna-Varney flying around with a spear trying to fight the Monkey-King or whoever). It was a bit sad though, since I highly doubt that Anna-Varney was asked for permission (which s/he would never give anyway), or even knows about the existance of this shitty film.
Has anyone else seen The Lost Empire ? If so, anyone with deeper knowledge of chinese mythology than I? It would be really interesting to know what demon 'Anna-Varney' represented.

Excuse my english.

P.S. And ah, I recieved my 'Like A Corpse...' box last week. I love it.
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